Artist Statement

I am an art therapist, and I have recognized in myself how art is an outlet for my emotions. When I am unable to explain certain emotions or feelings with words, I sketch my heart out. Currently, my work grows out of deep, inward self-reflection as a result of ongoing life experiences. Most of the themes in my work have to do with inward reflection, spirituality, and my inspirations. Ideas for my paintings are derived from writings in my sketchbooks or journals as I reflect on my life. I have a deeper understanding of myself as a result of my newfound self-awareness through creating my artwork, which will make me a better and more effective art therapist.

My painting Strums of Hope is a work that took me into a new direction both stylistically and conceptually. The painting is an abstraction of Picasso’s painting, The Old Guitarist. Transforming that painting into my own is very representational of my life right now. During the later years in high school and freshman and early sophomore year of college, I battled with depression. Currently I feel like I am in a season of my life where I am truly experiencing joy and actually living my life to the fullest. Strums of Hope is what I think of as a happy piece. The colors are very bright and vibrant and are actually pleasant to view. The painting contains a lot of rhythm and movement of line that is used to imply the music and audible sounds coming from the guitar. I named the painting “strums of hope” in order to inspire hope and let others know trouble does not last always.